Front view of a die

Your engineering partner between concept and reality

We have made it our mission to provide professional services for the automotive industry, the automotive engineering and sheet metal processing business. For us, this means taking responsibility and being instrumental in promoting the company’s success. Thereby, we have years of experience and know-how of the entire process. We understand ourselves as partners for a comprehensive realization. We accompany you from the analysis, the development of an innovative concept, throught to the efficient implementation in your company.

It’s our policy: One contact. One offer. One link and One goal.

The fuel of our work is to be found in the acceptance and positive feedback of our customers, with who we want to build strong partnership and take new paths to the future.

Method & Feasibility / Die Process

Process planing developments and process sheets for the production of complex body parts are developed in cooperaion with our clients. Influencing the design for optimal producability and a process-safe production of the body part.

We support you in the following areas:

Feasibility and rough method


Method planning (Complete method plan analysis and definition / 2D-3D Method according OEM’s norms / Surface modelling of complex draw dies)

Simulations of complete production cycles

Support of the drawing unit and acceptanes

Deadline monitoring of all milestones

Flexibility at any location worldwide


Die Design

Design in tool-die design, we use the technology of over 10 CAD workstations. Due to the growing demand also supply solid forms in CATIA format. With the suitable attributes, these are more effective for manufacturing and production.

The main starting point of all design efforts is and will be the person - with the experience that they bring with them.

We support you in the following areas:

Process analysis

Tool design

Engineering of part mechanization tooling

Simulation (Internal and external tools)

Engineering model

Model inquiry and assignment

Model acceptance

Modification support

Die types:

Prototypes, Progressive, Robotic lines, Transfer lines, Cross-bar lines, HTL-lines

Project Management

Adahanform includes the project management during die-making and dies try-out.

Adahanform provide to:

- coordinate between Customers and Suppliers

- supply engineering activities

- search suppliers with the best cost / quality ratio

- plan time & cost

- deliver tools and follow up the try-out

We can support you in the following areas:

Pattern shop / Casting service / Manufacturing service / Construction service / Try-out service